You are so much more….

I am not my grief, but I am also not who I was before my grief….

So who am I?

Who am I now as I stand here wrapped in the arms of heavy, heavy pain?

What feelings swirl through my body other than the ones I feel on the surface?

The feelings on the surface are ones of crushing heartache, that are scattered through my soul from my grief.

Who am I now?

I am not who I was, but I am not just my grief.

I am more…

So much more than my grief.

I am light.

I am power.

I am strong.

These parts of me lay below the pain, suffocated by the grasp of my grief.

But they are there….

Bubbling below the trauma, waiting to be seen.

See those parts now. In their beautiful, powerful, blissful light. They are within you, just under the pain.

You are not your grief, you are not who you were before your grief, you are so much more…

You are wise, you understand how fragile life is, you understand how quickly a path can be reshaped. You feel, so deeply, how others feel in their own grief, you see them in their struggle, you feel them in their pain.

You see those stood lost in the misted curtain that grief hides them in. You feel that isolation, they are a mirror of you.

You hold compassion, light, and deep love, for others who feel alone in their grief.

You see them… and you stand for them.

So feel yourself now, you are so much more than grief has cloaked you in.

You are light and dark. You are pain and happiness. You are struggles and power. It’s all there, not all is lost in the pain.

You will rise with both parts taking play within your path.

You will stand and feel the power in the pain.

You are not just your grief, you are so much more.

To all the beautiful ones out there alone in their grief, never forget who you are, I see you, always x
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  1. Susan Gale
    April 10, 2021

    Powerful words that stirs immense feeling in me and my soul says a quiet ….’yes’ 🤍🙏🏼


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