I hope my grief blog becomes a safe place for you. Most importantly I want you to feel connected, to feel supported in my words. To understand that all the darkness that you feel is a mirror to me. Above all, You are not alone!


Firstly there is so much to be spoken about, so much you and I all have to say. ⁣Secondly, we need this connection, and this communication in order to move through our journey in life, our journey with grief.

We don’t openly talk about death, it’s skirted over. For instance, people don’t know how to act or what to say, it becomes awkward at times! You find yourself feeling slightly alienated, unsure whether you can share your grief with others without being a burden. On the other side, being the supportive friend, you struggle with an internal battle of do I ask? shall I mention it? is it too much? is it better to talk about something else?

Death... is painful... actually that isn’t even a word raw enough to explain the deep intense wave of emotions that come after the loss of someone you love! Death is beyond anything I’ve ever felt emotionally in my entire life. It hurts beyond imagination, you feel like such a part of you went with that person and things can’t ever be the same. Therefore you feel lost, you're unsure if you even know how to be “you” anymore. Life becomes a muddled maze.

So welcome to this space!  I hope you find comfort in my no textbook grief blog and within the openness of my words. You are never alone.



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High Wycombe author publishes book following her dad's battle with cancer

A woman from High Wycombe has written a book about her dad - and his battle with terminal cancer.

Simon Gale was the managing director of Southern Plan & Tool Hire in Henley when he passed away in March last year, aged just 59.

Author, Phoebe Young, who also writes a grief blog to support others following her own experiences, has now had her book ‘The Gift’ published.

The book is written from her dad's perspective and follows his struggles with telling his children he had terminal cancer, the endless hospital appointments, scans, chemotherapy, and a new diet...






Henley Standard

Find positive in all of life’s challenges

“NOTHING you ever love will ever truly leave you” is the sentiment expressed in a book that tells of one man’s journey living with cancer.

Simon Gale was the managing director of Southern Plant & Tool Hire in Henley when he passed away in March last year, aged 59.

He was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in 2015, was given the all-clear in 2017 but the disease returned soon afterwards...





Henley Herald

Introducing Phoebe's Grief Blog - No Textbook

Phoebe Young lost her Dad, Simon Gale, founder of Southern Plant & Tool Hire after a 3 year journey with cancer in March 2019.  She would like to share her grief blog she’s started to write with Henley Herald readers over the next few months called ‘No Textbook!’

Phoebe said, “I felt drawn to communicate a message with my words to help people who are struggling with their grief and let them know that they are not alone. My Dad was always doing what he could to give back and I want to carry that on in his memory.”

Simon founded Southern Plant & Tool Hire 30+ years ago in 1988 from a small hut on Station Road with a small number of tools to hire and five employees.....




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