What happened to love?

This blog may seem slightly off-topic but whilst I sat this morning, waiting to see what came to me to write for us all today, I couldn’t get this out of my head. There’s a message today for you and I to hear and that’s why today, this blog may seem slightly different but these words must be written for these words to be heard.

What happened to love? What happened to compassion? What happened to kindness? When we came to this earth we were all just magical, blissful, pure energy. We came here with light, we came here with hope, we came here to love. But what happened between then and now? What changed? What has got us to this place today, a place where there is little compassion, where kindness isn’t something you see often, where there is no trust. What happened?

You are me and I am you. Think about that statement, sit right now in this very moment, put this down, shut your eyes, and breathe that in….. You are me and I am you.

What does that mean to you, what does that mean to be a mirror to another? What does that mean to see someone who you feel is nothing like you in any way shape or form, and realise you are the same. What it means to me is that we are all equal. When we came here to live this life as a newborn innocent baby we are equal, we are pure, we are simply loving light. And then in the process of growing through childhood, we are shaped as humans though situations that happen to us, traumas that happen to us, words that are fed to us and circumstances. The path we walk led us all here to today, to right now. But at the beginning we were all the very same, we were all one, you are me and I am you.

Take the loss of my dad for this example. The trauma of that loss, the agony of that loss is something I will carry forever. Waves of anger and rage, deep within that leaves me feeling that life cheated me and my family in some way, feeling an unfairness, it’s unjust. But how I feel about my dad, and how I feel that rage inside, does not then permit me to walk a path of hate, a path of darkness. It leaves me with a choice. I can stay there in that place, I can live there and breathe there, becoming drowned in that overwhelming grief, becoming biter, seeing other families together still with their dads, and feeling defeated. Or I can choose to see the lesson. Life always has a lesson, everything that happens to us is there to teach us something. Yes, I long to see my dad, I long to have him back with us, but I choose to come from a place of gratitude for what he gave me and what we all shared with him. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel that anger and it doesn’t mean I don’t feel rage, but it makes me live in a place of peace, it allows me to come from a place of compassion a place of love. And that is is the lesson… we came here to love, choose to love.

Your words are powerful, they are one of the most powerful gifts we have as human beings. Think about as a child, perhaps someone once said something negative to you on the playground at school, perhaps you heard an argument, perhaps you’ve had a traumatic experience. Now write it down, write down everything you feel, express it, allow it to flow, scream, shout, cry, laugh. Let it all flow organically from your core, use that paper and tell that story, leaving you with a message on the paper in front of you. Now read it, notice it, notice the lesson. Witness your anger, witness your pain, and make a choice. Do you choose to live from this place of darkness, or do you choose to use your words positively and come from a place of love? It’s easier than you realise, I could sit here every day at my laptop, and I could type words of destruction surrounding my journey with my dad and grief, and in doing so I could bring more onto that same path of destruction. But when I sit and write I choose to come from a place of light, to fully blast all those emotions I feel around my dad and explode them in lightness, into gratitude, noticing the lesson it taught me and in doing so helping others to do the same.

When we read stories within the media, we feel triggered by them. Perhaps the story resonates with you on a personal level, perhaps you have felt the pain that others in the story are feeling, perhaps you have felt their grief, their anger. And that’s so right too, it’s so good to feel one an others emotion, remember we are mirrors to one another. But within that use it in the right way, use those powerful, forceful emotions, and flood them through pure love. Share your message with the world, stories you need to tell, but always share them with love. Everything in life teaches us a lesson, use that lesson, take the power within that lesson, and throw it wholeheartedly into a life of gratitude, love, and kindness. Don’t let yourself feel suffocated by the actions of another, you make your own path, you make your own legacy, make it something that you’ll look back on with pride, knowing that you chose the light over the dark, every time. And be gentle in that, sometimes we will feel that lowness that anger, and it’s about acknowledging that, recognising it, and letting it go to carry on in peace, in love.

When we came here we had such a want to be the change, to be the light. But in the darkness of the world, we’ve forgotten our purpose, we’ve forgotten what we came here for. Be the love and be the light you long to see in the world, for your families, for the children of our future, and most importantly for yourself, you deserve that. You are me and I am you, we’ve got this! 

Love and light always, 

Phoebe x

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