Carefully, I place myself within the innocence of my adolescence.
I wander deep within the dreams that have long since departed me.
My ears intently tune themselves to hear the soft spoken sounds of my parents.
I await the warmth of the embrace, as I long to be sung to sleep again.

I am free to roam everywhere on this island on mine. Insulated by the happiness of memories.
The ones not tainted by natures ticking time.
How a mothers love keeps the dark days at bay.
My soul often roams about in desperation for a release, for the voice of a once upon a time.

I called for you, as I turned and clambered as fast as this pre pubescent body would allow.
But it was not quick enough, for when I reached your location it was access denied, father gone.
You left me amongst the litter of human puppies.
Yelping for a parent to feed them, but like them I was left to drink from the swampy waters of a broken home.
Brothers and sisters not yet grown, finding a togetherness in the alone.
Withdrawing into the shadows of adulthood of a home of myself, just me. On my own.

Yet I still wander amongst my dreams, in the hope of someday I find your sunlight amongst the shadows.
Awakened dreams as I run out the school gates joyously into your arms.
Just to be read a story once more, as you speak of tales as I drift back to sleep.
As I push my own litter on the swings. I only wish to be the one screaming higher daddy, higher.

By Jonathan Young

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  1. Rosa
    June 25, 2020

    That’s so beautiful. I really felt that.


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