Grief- By Michelle Robinson- Boyce

If only people would understand that grief isn’t a process that’s planned, It’s a journey that takes us to many unknown lands.

It’s not a route you follow from A to B. It’s a route that has so many stop-offs and so much to see.

Some days you will be buzzing with memories so fresh and on others, you won’t want to move or even get dressed. See grief is personal, a journey of your own. It’s not got a timeline and much is unknown.

When someone you love dies a part of you leaves with them and goes to the skies. People will say things like that which does not help at all, words like next year will be better, the first years the hardest I recall.

They don’t realise what’s really happening inside. The pain, the anguish, the tears, the fear, and the fight. The wanting to shout and scream about everything and nothing all at once. The not wanting to hear anyone’s words at all because right now all you will do is confront. The wanting that door to open and for it all to of been some wicked lie, that someone somewhere got it wrong because you really didn’t want them to die.

See all the poems you read are lovely, light, and kind when actually a lot of grief is anger and it’s overwhelming of the mind. The truth has to be written for people to understand, that grief really is a bastard and isn’t what you had planned!

But just remember as you go through the spirals of grief that your loved one is with you they never truly leave. Every thought, memory or moment that pops into your head, that’s them with you, saying all the things they wish they could have said.

That song that comes on the radio with words that resonate, that’s them singing to you, spirit telling you they can relate. When that white feather falls to your feet, that robin bobs by, the butterfly you see, the picture in the clouds, that light that flicked on when no one was about, that’s them reminding you they don’t ever really leave. Their vessel is gone but their spirit lives on.


  I want to thank Michelle for her braveness in sharing her words with us all today. So raw and so honestly written, thank you.

Grief is not something we should stay silent about. Our journeys must be and will be shared. Love to everyone today x

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